Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Everything is perfect! Everything can be improved!!

My friends know that I often say, "Everything is perfect! Everything can be improved!!"

This is the essence of "Wisdom & Compassion" the twin qualities that clarify the mind and nourish the heart.

When someone asks us "What do you really want?", a great answer is "What I really want is what I have already!"

This is contentment and gratitude. "Everything is perfect!" This is the secret of profound peace.

However being content does not preclude having a sense of clear purpose in our lives. We can enjoy the present journey while at the same time having a sense of direction/destination.

So the other aspect of a great answer to the above question would be "What I really want is what I already have. And it's always evolving, getting even better. This is where I see myself headed..."

This is clarity of purpose. "Everything can be improved!!" It is the secret of astonishing success, accomplishment and contribution.

Focusing on half the equation is what has created the artificial divide between spiritual and worldly pursuits. Perhaps true happiness and fulfillment lie in harmonizing and synthesizing the two. There is really no conflict...

"Everything is perfect! Everything can be improved!!"


kirangul said...

Reality is always kind and also paradoxical. Like captured in this beautiful line-
'Everything is perfect, Everything can be improved.'

Think Lao Tsu said- Truth cannot be spoken and that which is spoken is not the truth.

True peace is vibrant, not passive.
The real journey is that of a peaceful warrior.

The essential journey is about detached involvement.
The nuance of manifesting through the Law of Attraction in 'The Secret' is to let go after having an intention.

Holding on interferes with universe's way of manifesting. A lovely poem about Letting go- will post later


Marut Bhardwaj said...

Thank you Nithya. The more I read you, the more I realize, that its all about letting go. Its about trusting & having faith. About, not intervening or trying to change. Its about acceptance. And so true. The destination is clear, the intent is in place, rest will be.

Kiran, thanks....well said " Holding interferes with universe's way of manifesting"