Thursday, May 8, 2008

Feedback from last EFT workshop

Sharing the Feedback from my last EFT workshop

27 th April 2008

at Kalyani Nagar, Pune

1. I came here in the morning feeling quite distressed. EFT & Nithyashanti helped me feel better. I feel calmer, more positive. I take away simple techniques, which seem to extraordinary benefit. More than the techniques, I take away the intent to practice EFT for myself first and then perhaps for others. This workshop was a simple and clean/ lucid exposition of EFT. I also liked much the spirit behind Nithya Shanti's teachings, which to me is as important as the techniques themselves.

2. Thank you! Very open, non threatening, simple presentation. Need to maintain contact with ‘Nithya Shanti or other group member to ensure confidence in understanding. Not yet sure about working on/ for others. Personally need to feel more confident & have a more thorough understanding of work on self before working on others. The session was helpful for attitude change-- VERY important for same! Thank you for your calm, supportive approach and guidance. Take care & thanks. - Susan Khare

3. Well conducted workshop. It conveyed the essence of EFT and the techniques- following it up with a practical session. I enjoyed it as it was lively and thought provoking. We hope you will keep us posted with further development and get our feedback about how we are progressing.

4. After short-session EFT I knew it would work, but didn’t feel that I was ready to practice. Now I do. Nithya Shanti was again packed with info. Possibilities for learning, fine tuning. There was more ‘connection, with others (probably because I knew half the people already). Food was good. About techniques: felt similar to EMDR, liked the ‘open source’ availability & the fact that I can teach empower another. - Adithy

5. I came to today’s workshop only to catch up with you as we haven’t spent much quality time together for a long time. EFT for me is always interesting, though I personally only use it on myself and my close friends. Not as a practitioner and definitely not as a teacher. Meet you again on your journey of compassion. - Kavita Kowshik

6. Dear Nithya, Thanks for this kind of session. Since from last 12 years I am going through a emotional problem. When I heard about you. I got a hope that I can overcome it. Today I attended your session… frankly speaking I haven’t got the exact solution but got the hope that it is possible to overcome that particular thought. While attending it I remembered my closed ones who are suffering from various reasons I want to help them out. Before doing that I feel I should overcome my most of the blockages of my mind. In groups I am not very comfortable … can you help me out?

But one thing is sure … I am going to apply EFT on my own… will report to you about my progress and the experiences of the people whom I helped through EFT. - Neeta Kajale

(Neeta's email after a few days...)

Yes, EFT is a very wonderful tool. Every morning once I try it. It gives tremendous energy to me throughout the day….
I tried this to my friend’s mother. She is also experiencing the magic of it…

Thanks once again for the exposure to our mind and the chemistry inside.

I am interested in learning it very deeply… So that, I wish, I could be the channel of blessing for many other people of society…

Best Regards,

Neeta Kajale….

Thank you for sharing the EFT process and for the files sent. I have found the material quite useful ( I still need to read and apply a lot of it). About the workshop: I liked all of it. The most beneficial part for me, though, was to see the demo done by you. It really helped in terms of making the links to an underlying issue and then working with that and using alternates. I also liked that there was a `practice' session with partners. It helped to get a feel in terms of application. It would have been good if the sound for the video was better. Missed a lot of what was being said. I would have also felt more comfortable if there was some form of getting to know the group (at any level) in the beginning. About applying the process after the workshop: I have been applying EFT with myself before the workshop as well but would not necessarily do several rounds to reduce whatever I was working with to a zero. So post the workshop, I have attempted to stick with it and do several rounds till it completely reduces but have not been successful. I have tried not shifting aspects and being more specific. I do not doubt the process because I definitely feel a shift (an overall `settled' feeling) even after one round of EFT. So now I'm applying some of things that you've sent in the documents that hold true for me (like drinking lots of water!). Also sometimes I do rounds with the statement `Even though, `whatever' has not reduced to a zero, I completely welcome the possibility.' In any case, I'm enjoying the process. Will keep you posted. Surprisingly, though, when I've used it with another person, that person has always experienced a reduction (strange!).

Many thanks,Sandy

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Everything is perfect! Everything can be improved!!

My friends know that I often say, "Everything is perfect! Everything can be improved!!"

This is the essence of "Wisdom & Compassion" the twin qualities that clarify the mind and nourish the heart.

When someone asks us "What do you really want?", a great answer is "What I really want is what I have already!"

This is contentment and gratitude. "Everything is perfect!" This is the secret of profound peace.

However being content does not preclude having a sense of clear purpose in our lives. We can enjoy the present journey while at the same time having a sense of direction/destination.

So the other aspect of a great answer to the above question would be "What I really want is what I already have. And it's always evolving, getting even better. This is where I see myself headed..."

This is clarity of purpose. "Everything can be improved!!" It is the secret of astonishing success, accomplishment and contribution.

Focusing on half the equation is what has created the artificial divide between spiritual and worldly pursuits. Perhaps true happiness and fulfillment lie in harmonizing and synthesizing the two. There is really no conflict...

"Everything is perfect! Everything can be improved!!"

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Alternatives to TV

Many people spend hours watching TV these days.
Why not use the same time to learn, and expand our understanding?
Those who have a fast internet connections can replace TV
with some of these educating & uplifting resources...

Hundreds of Paradigm Shifting Interviews

Most Innovative Ideas

Hay House Radio


Emotional Freedom Techniques Intro

Happiness TV

Educational & Inspiring media

The Manifest Station

Paradigm Shifting Media

Twelve Minutes of Pure Inspiration:

May you be blessed movie

Simple Truths - Beautiful Videos

Best Internet Videos

Happy Monk's Favorite YouTube Video's

Eight Principles of Fun

Scientists on everything being "connected"

Solid advice to last a lifetime

Make someone's day

A powerful teaching

The power of attitude

Being properly famous

Basic prosperity principles

Think your way to better health

Relationship myths

Importance of play

"No matter what you've done, or not done, you are worthy of love"

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Absolute Love

If we dedicate our life to love, we will be happy.
To be happy, love must mean more to us than anything.
Absolute love is absolute happiness.
Sometimes we seek happiness by changing the outer world.
But the outer world is just an effect.
We cannot change effects...unless we work with the cause.
The cause is the observer, the mind...without mind, there is no world.
If we don't mind, it doesn't matter...therefore mind rules over matter.
Changing our thoughts...changing our feelings...breathing in love...
"May I be happy!"
Breathing out love...
"May all beings be happy!"
Being Love.

and we enjoy happiness.
and we enjoy peace.
and we enjoy abundance.
and we enjoy everything.

Place love above everything.
Start with one minute a day.
Start with one percent of your responses.

Its infectious!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Three Essentials for a Happy & Meaningful Life

1) Accept your feelings. It's okay to feel this way. If it wasn't, the universe wouldn't allow it! Smile and let go.

2) Know your purpose What makes you come alive? What do you love doing so much that you could do it for free? Suppose it were possible...what is your most impossible dream?

3)Everyday, take action steps towards your purpose. Start where you are and with what you've got. Believe in yourself, in your purpose and take joyous, inspired actions. Start with baby steps. The baby will grow naturally.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Living Intentionally

So many of us dream our way through the day, through the night, through life.

What if, just for one day, we try living intentionally?

It is true that we perhaps cannot control every detail of our day.

However it is equally true that we can choose how we respond to every detail.

We can start the day with a sense of purpose and focus. Knowing exactly what are the two or three things which will ensure that we have really made the most of this gift from the universe.

It really helps to spend five full minutes visualizing and actually feeling ourselves living on purpose, in balance and out of love.

Then before every distinct activity of the day, like meeting someone or starting some activity...check in..."Why am I doing this?"..."What is the best possible outcome"..."How do I want to feel as I do this?"...spend one full minute seeing and feeling this vividly before beginning.

And then ending the day with a five minute review of all the successes...offering gratitude and appreciation. Using our vivid imagination to see ourself being in perfect harmony in the areas where we felt disconnected from intention.

All in all...just 15 minutes a day...for an intentional life.

Have a beautiful day.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How to change your life in one minute

Lie down in bed.

Close your eyes.

Breathe fully.


Place both your hands on your heart.

Imagine you have the warm loving attention of purest Universal Goodness, Beauty and Truth.

Feel the presence.

Now say three times from your heart...

"I give you my life."


Keep lying in bed.

And just feel.

Just feel.

That's it.

Your life will never be the same.

Be Happy.