Monday, July 9, 2007

Happy Monk's Blogging Intentions

My intention for this blog is as follows:

> To organize my thoughts, feelings, plans and projects...a virtual mind/heart cabinet.
> To share my ongoing adventures and experiments with "conscious evolutionary enlightenment".
> To create a visionary template for the "Happiness University".
> To connect with other leading edge creators.
> To enjoy expressing myself authentically, creatively and playfully.
> To change the universe by unifying my inner-verse.
> To let this space evolve and take on a life of its own.

May this be a place for Love, Truth and Joyous messages.
May I be a conduit of Divine inspirations.
May the blessings of all my Guides surge forth to eternally embrace each being who reads, hears or even thinks of these messages.
May the merits of my life be shared equally by all.
May they rejoice in my vast and expanding goodness.
May they laugh along with me when I slip up.
May this be a place for appreciation and luminous benedictions.
May it be for the Highest and Long lasting benefit of All.
May All Beings be Happy and Well.
May it be so!
And so it is!

Only Peace, Love and Light.


Kavita said...

So it is now. Kavita.

Badal said...

I have begun to feel that the Happy Monk is the slimmer Avtaar of the Laughing Buddha ;) keeping in tune with the times...

Kavita said...

Yes, Badal, he is!! :)