Friday, July 13, 2007

Living Intentionally

So many of us dream our way through the day, through the night, through life.

What if, just for one day, we try living intentionally?

It is true that we perhaps cannot control every detail of our day.

However it is equally true that we can choose how we respond to every detail.

We can start the day with a sense of purpose and focus. Knowing exactly what are the two or three things which will ensure that we have really made the most of this gift from the universe.

It really helps to spend five full minutes visualizing and actually feeling ourselves living on purpose, in balance and out of love.

Then before every distinct activity of the day, like meeting someone or starting some activity...check in..."Why am I doing this?"..."What is the best possible outcome"..."How do I want to feel as I do this?"...spend one full minute seeing and feeling this vividly before beginning.

And then ending the day with a five minute review of all the successes...offering gratitude and appreciation. Using our vivid imagination to see ourself being in perfect harmony in the areas where we felt disconnected from intention.

All in all...just 15 minutes a day...for an intentional life.

Have a beautiful day.

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