Saturday, August 25, 2007

Alternatives to TV

Many people spend hours watching TV these days.
Why not use the same time to learn, and expand our understanding?
Those who have a fast internet connections can replace TV
with some of these educating & uplifting resources...

Hundreds of Paradigm Shifting Interviews

Most Innovative Ideas

Hay House Radio


Emotional Freedom Techniques Intro

Happiness TV

Educational & Inspiring media

The Manifest Station

Paradigm Shifting Media

Twelve Minutes of Pure Inspiration:

May you be blessed movie

Simple Truths - Beautiful Videos

Best Internet Videos

Happy Monk's Favorite YouTube Video's

Eight Principles of Fun

Scientists on everything being "connected"

Solid advice to last a lifetime

Make someone's day

A powerful teaching

The power of attitude

Being properly famous

Basic prosperity principles

Think your way to better health

Relationship myths

Importance of play

"No matter what you've done, or not done, you are worthy of love"


kirangul said...

Reseach has shown that TV reduces immunity.
And like Swami Beyondananda says Television is truly about Tell-a- Vision..
Some new definitions/reframing of 'TV'
To Vitalise
Transform Vibrance

Thanks Nyana for sharing SO many wonderful resources.
Only love and light ..

Andrew said...

These are great links! Thanks for posting these. I can tell we have a lot in common.. we should find a way to chat sometime! Come check out my blog too.